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Need help?

If you forgot your password or have trouble logging in, please contact your help desk

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If you are trying to log in from a device other than a Vodafone laptop, please note:

For stronger security, we are protecting our accounts with a 2 step-login.

This means that during login, you will be asked for both your Vodafone password and a unique mobile passcode.

What is 2 step-login (2-Factor Authentication) and why register for it?

2 step-login (or 2-Factor Authentication) provides an additional layer of security for your Vodafone account with a unique passcode sent to you via the MobilePass app or SMS.

The passcode expires after first use, and prevents access to Vodafone services from unauthorised parties.

A new passcode is automatically issued to your device every time you login.

Which Vodafone Services are affected?

Currently, 2 step-login only affects the following Vodafone Services:

  • Workspace
  • Hub
  • Circle
  • Webmail/Citrix

Other services will follow soon.

Who is affected by 2 step-login?

Currently, anyone trying to access our services without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection or a company laptop will have to register and use the 2 step-login service before being able to successfully log in.

It does not apply to you when working from home on your Vodafone PC, whilst accessing the corporate network via VPN.

How does 2 step-login work?

If you have already registered for 2 step-login, a new passcode will be sent to you automatically, every time you use an existing one.

If you are trying to log in for the first time, please ensure you register for 2 step-login first.

Here is how you register for 2 step-login:

  1. Register for the 2 step-login Service here
    You only have to register once, and a new passcode will be sent to you at the end of the registration process.
    Alternatively, once you've installed the Smartphone app, it will provide you a new passcode every 10 seconds.

  2. Please enter your email address and your password on the current page.
    This step will take you to the next page where you will have to enter a passcode.

    Note: Users without a Vodafone email address receive their Vodafone username and password as part of the Vodafone User Management self-registration process. If you don't have your credentials yet, please get in touch with your Vodafone contact who will need to provide you with the registration link and will be able to approve your request.

  3. Please enter your six digit passcode which you have received via SMS or your Smartphone app.
    In this second step, you will be asked to enter a passcode. The passcode will have been sent to you by SMS, or is available from the Smartphone app which you can install at the end of the passcode registration process.

    Provided you have already registered your passcode (step 1 above), you will find the required passcode number in your SMS inbox, or on your Smartphone app.

    Once you have the passcode entered, click on "Verify Passcode".
    If successful, you will be logged in and gain access to the requested pages.

  4. In the event you encounter any issues, you can follow the passcode trouble shooting steps or use the "Need help?" section.